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($18 - $18)

Job Description and Responsibilities: • Maintain an organized, clean & safe working environment • Facilitate all necessary injection molding production from sales to deliverables • Ability to work in team environment to organize setup and manage injection molding • Support, implement and improve quality control and lean manufacturing processes Requirements and Qualifications: • 5+ years of experience in Plastic Injection Molding Beneficial Skills and Qualifications: • Experience with injection molding auxiliary equipment and molding machines • Experience with injection mold setup, change over, cleaning and protective care • Experience with injection molding processing parameters and quality control criteria • Experience with implementing first articles on new molds and parts for the first time • Experience with establishing specific measurable results for continuous improvements • Exceptional attendance, attitude, and accountability Salary and Benefits: • Salary based on skills, qualifications, and experience • Monday thru Thursday work week (3-day weekends) • Holiday Pay (resulting in many 4-day weekends) • Vacation and Sick Pay • Health and Dental Insurance