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($17 - $20)
Tulsa, Oklahoma

A CNC Laser Machinist is responsible for operating computer numerical control (CNC) machines that use laser technology to cut and shape metal in a precise and efficient manner. The machinist should be familiar with setting up and running CNC laser cutting machines, as well as inspecting and maintaining equipment. They should possess critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to read and interpret blueprints, schematics, and other technical documents. Job Requirements: o Set up and operate CNC laser cutting machines to cut and shape different materials. o Read and interpret technical drawings, blueprints, and schematics to determine cutting specifications, sequence of operations, and dimensions. o Select proper cutting tools, proper laser settings, and proper feed rates. o Program CNC machines using G-code to specify machine operation sequences, speeds, and cuts. o Inspect completed workpieces to ensure quality and accuracy meet the customer's specifications. o Perform routine maintenance tasks on machines, including cleaning, aligning, and replacing parts to ensure optimal functionality.

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