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($19 - $23)
Catoosa, Oklahoma


Day or Night Shift – 1 position

Read blueprints and build bundles/sections by following prints, calculate expansion measurements, read expansion measurements, set up and Adjust Expansion machine/gun settings, Tube expansion, All plug and cover duties including choosing suitable thread lubricant, Soap Bubble Testing, Hydro Static Testing, and preparation for Helium Testing, Over Head Crane and Forklift operation, The ability to detect Safe and Unsafe Acts and the willingness to stop an unsafe act. Communication skills to teach others and to lead others in all Bundle/Section Assembly Task in the Air Cooled Heat Exchanger world, If no Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger experience, Shell and Tube Industry Experience may be adequate, Work on your feet six days per week while lifting, pushing, pulling, bending with as much as 50 lbs. of weight, Rigging knowledge for Overhead cranes and lifting in general, Wear eye, ear, and steel toe foot protection at all times, Use Cell phones only on break times during work shifts. Two years of prior assembly related experience.

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